Österberg Group acquires a part of West Welding

Manor Oy has acquired 42 % of the share capital of West Welding Oy on 18th of January 2019. After the deal, Manor Oy is the biggest shareholder in West Welding […]

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A shorter name for Viafin West Welding

Viafin West Welding got a shorter name. Viafin Service has the right to use the Viafin name in the future.

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Delivery of a new phosphoric acid evaporator

Yara Siilinjärvi Finland got a new phosphoric acid evaporator delivered by West Welding. New equipment replaces the old installation at Yara’s phosphoric plant.

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Viafin West Welding Oy delivers a storage tank to AkzoNobel

The chlorate electrolyte storage tank will be delivered to Oulu and this intermediate product tank will be used to ensure product supply to AkzoNobel’s Nordic customers.

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Engineering In House

  • Pressure vessels dimension
  • Marine LNG tanks and equipments for IMO
  • Layout works (Inventory, Solid works, ACAD)
  • 3D modelling and 2D’s for the workshop use
  • Heat exhangers CFD and TEMA
  • EN1090, steel structures Exec 1-3, ZA 3.3 and ZA 3.4
  • FEM analyzing
  • 3D scaling of the site and ready products
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Production of big-calibre vessels

  • Plate handling
  • Cutting and trimming
  • Welding
  • Pipe works and Auxiliary installations
  • Testing
  • Heat and surface treatment
  • NDT

Large hall for production | Knowledge of various materials | Favorable production location | Inhouse engineering

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  • Installation of engineering industry products
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing
  • Site service

High-quality know-how | Reliability | Speed and guaranteed deliveries reliability

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