Manufacturer of highly specialized pressure vessels

West Welding manufactures big-caliber pressure vessels, heat exchangers, evaporators, LNG storage & fuel tanks and installs products for engineering industry.

We serve our customers with family-business attitude. The owners participate in the daily operations, which makes decision making flexible. In addition to extensive & competent capacity for production and functional process, our service is also based on the uncompromising expertise of our staff.

We have operated in the same location over 30 years and the same values guide our operations today. Work is carried out properly and in high quality, and promises are kept, whether they concern keeping up with tight schedules or staying on budget.










Extensive project know-how

We provide excellent service throughout the product’s life cycle.


We can handle heat, pressure and chemical stress, and we are able to plan comprehensive solutions that suit best to our customers’ needs.


Our staff are experienced professionals and our production process is highly mechanized. We use multiple welding methods, which enables us to work with a wide range of diffrent materials.


Our location next to the harbor is optimal considering the logistics of our large products. We and our partners have extensive experience in making challenging deliveries all over the world.


We provide professional installation services. In case of export deliveries, our experts can come and monitor the installation process on the site.

After sales services

The life cycles of our products are decades. During that time, needs may change. We can take care of annual inspections, maintenance and renovation.

West Welding company manufacturer for pressure vessels