In every project, we’ll put our technical and process know-how to work in benefit of our customers’.

Our services cover the full engineering scope from consulting the assignments and single process equipment up to delivery of complete lay-out. Engineering Services is a broad spectrum of works. We can deliver some parts of it, closing towards execution phase of the spectrum. We have strong view to manufacturing and for that reason, we can design our products to be as feasible as possible.  Our services are developed by an experienced team of engineers and quality assurance professionals. Typical start point is a sketch, which we proudly turn to a complete delivery project.

Our professional ability improves communication among  partners to develop successful project out of the sketches. In the wide spectrum of engineering we have knowledge to offer in following areas.


  • To develop layout that fit’s in the given area, which may be for example existing building.

Dimension engineering

  • We can do dimension with the engineering software for defined process.
  • Dimension of the pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • Engineering for technical requirements of steel structures for EN1090

Basic engineering

Basic engineering works together with customer to choose the best industry practices and offer wide breadth of expertise in front of the project in.

  • Preliminary design and specifications
  • Material engineering
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Welding expertise
  • Installation and commission
  • Maintenance planning

Detail engineering

Starts when the project have been approved until the implementation

  • Drawings
  • Welding detail planning
  • Documents and scheduling
  • Construction and integration to surrounding equipment and structures
  • Erection and start-up plans

Our special process engineering expertise areas

  • Processes in pulp and paper, chemical, food, pharma industries, energy production and distribution, mining chemical process
  • Pressure vessel design
  • Heat exchange in larger scale with heat-exchangers
  • LNG and other cryogenic liquids and Gas’es
  • Evaporation of cryogenic liquid’s
  • Air heating (luvo) and cooling in power plants
  • Autoclaves and other Titanium equipment’s
  • Flammable and hazardous chemicals, ATEX environment, GMP
  • Biomass processing including bio fuels
  • Demanding steel structures of EN1090 EXC1-3