No matter how big your dreams are – We can build them for you

West Welding is a manufacturer of large pressure equipment. Our products are all the kinds of pressure equipment, such as heat exchangers, reactors, columns, evaporators, LNG storage and Marine fuel tanks and feed water systems. Even though we have specialized in manufacturing pressure equipment, we also manufacture non pressurized tanks.

Our workshop is one of the Scandinavia’s largest for a production. Because of the large capacity, we are capable to work with big projects, moreover our sturdy machinery can fit easily in our workshop. The large scale and weight of our products demands a lot from the machinery, therefore we have excellent lifting and transportation fleet, as well as sheeting and welding machines.

Our core competence is manufacturing products in demanding materials and in large dimensions. Therefore we work mainly in projects, where quality requirements are high. West Welding’s production facilities have met all the client’s requirements and needs for decades. In addition to high-quality know-how and reliability, our process industry partners appreciate our speed and guaranteed deliveries.

Logistically we are well located. In other words, our workshop is close to seaport and surrounded by well-organized infrastructure.




In-house engineering boosts capability of production

In-house engineering provides the know-how for the production of pressure equipment. This means we are not only a manufacturer, but also qualified in engineering the pressure equipment. Project engineering is the area, where we have been investing and developing lately.

We use modern manufacturing methods, like mechanized welding. It’s our answer in the race of the cost competitiveness. With that, we can deliver faster and even better quality. We have a range of own products in heat exchangers and feed water systems.

Hand-in-hand design and production ensure the most efficient and economical solutions. The short turn-around times and competitive pricing are based on low overhead costs and excellent project management.

Experienced staff manufactures pressure equipment

All the manufacturing works are handled by our experienced staff. We have thorough knowledge of various materials such as copper, titanium, aluminum, zirconium, high strength stainless steels, heat resistant steels, duplex and nickel alloy.

The knowledge and experience what we have, grants us to use over 200 different qualified welding procedures. We also have a certified quality system, which means that our work and products are supervised by several different organizations, such as DNV-GL, Kiwa Inspecta and Achilles Information Centre.

Certified quality systems; ISO9001, ISO-EN3834-2, ISO14001.

Certification for Achilles; EN1090 EXC 1-3 ZA3.3 and 3.4, EN3834-2, EN13445, EN13458, EN14015, EN12285-2.

West Welding's experienced staff manufactures pressure equipment

West Welding’s maximum dimensions in single component

  •  Weight 320 t
  •  Length 65 m
  •  Width 12,5 m
  •  Height 15 m
  •  Diameter +8,5 m
  • Welding material thickness 150 mm

General specification of our production

  • Plate handling – rolling, widths up to +8 meter and single web length up to 25 meters.
  • Cutting and trimming works with plasma and water jet. Table lenght for sheets 12,9 meter.
  • Welding work with processes of SAW, PAW, ESW, TAW, MIG/MAG and SMAW.
  • Electroslag overlay welding.
  • Over 200 qualified welding procedures in active use for Fe, SS, Ti, Al and other materials.
  • Pipe works and auxiliary installations of sensors, valves and pumps.
  • Testing, including pressure tests, helium leak tests
  • Heat treatments with modern modular block oven technology which is unlimited in component sizes.
  • Surface treatment, painting and coating and rubber lining and passivation technologies.
  • NDT’s (RT, MT, PT, VT)